Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hibiki Restaurant Fortina Malta

The hibiki Restaurant

Hello, today I'm gonna review one of my favorite restaurants on this lovely fish shaped island, the Hibiki Japanese restaurant at Fortina spa resort Sliema.

Lets start with what i liked:

1) The restaurant

It's really well decorated and the waiting staff is always really happy and ready to greet you in the best manner kindly consider this restaurant is in a 5 star Hotel.

2 The cook

we decided to take the Teppanyaki (I dunno what the hell it means) set menu where you sit round a table with a hot grill plate in the middle then a very professional trained chef comes in with his batman belt of knives and other culinary tools and greets everyone at the table (yes you will not be alone!!!!)

3) The food

The set menu can be normal or deluxe deluxe being more expensive by ? 10 which will include a miso soup (fish and tofu based) then after a choice of sushi, maki , tempura and shasimi. me and my partner opted for the shasimi and sushi i must advice these are raw fish and are delicious and remember I really ain't a fan of fish. after wards you have tiger prawn, beef, lamb, fish, chicken with different sauces accompanied by noodles and rice now the portions are small but i always came out quite full from there and with a jolly tummy :) finally you finish off with an included desert which I suggest take the fruit salad as it has dragon fruit.

4) The show

Yes the Chef cooks everything after the starters
in front of you while doing acrobatics and silly things like putting an egg on hit chef hat and loads its funny and really different.

Now finally

What I did not like

1) The bill

The bill came bloody ? 72 euro for just the two of us I already knew it wasn't gonna be cheap but I really wanted to treat to her to some where different from the ordinary and nice.

2) The Teppanyaki way

Yes the fault of all of this but it is also understandable is that you cannot have a private dinner since your sitting along side other people.


I know it was expensive and it wasn't set as a romantic dinner but the food was really really good the service was top notch and the show was amazing so basically I paid for what I got and I don't mind i highly recommend this for special occasions not for every weekend of course as well go give it a try till next time :)

Also i know I right a lotttttttt and seeing all this text may look frighting but I love giving a detailed review so people that read it really know what there gonna have. Hope you enjoy my looooonnnggg review cya

Sunday, July 18, 2010

5Th Avenue Review

Hello again everyone,
Its once again Time for another review of mine and this is time for:

The 5th Avenue Bistro,Cafe and Pastry Shop

There are 3 5th avenue's in Malta that I know of, one is in Zabbar and the other is situated at the Valletta Waterfront (the one I will be reviewing) and last but not least on in mosta.

The amount was quite abundant and fresh. The quality was good and also quite affordable ( less then 17 euros )

We mainly decided to take an italian cuts platter (cheese, ham, salami accompanied with maltese water biscuts, breadsticks and also some bread) and 2 cappuccino

So I Assume that if it were less busy, it would have been a much better experience, so I will have to go back when its less crazy , although I would still expect that the management is prepared for the amount of people it can serve.

Anyways, I know I didn't write much about the place but we only had a snack and the place was a bit disappointing.

I promise to review all places at the Valletta Waterfront slowly.
Here is a link of the Valletta Waterfront website: (if you want me to review something in particular leave me a comment)

Friday, July 16, 2010


Hello Everyone,

Apart from gaming and technology interests I'm also a food,travel and event Maniac.

This blog will contain reviews about restaurants and places of interest visited by yours truly.

Hope you enjoy:)

Gochi, Review


As promised, yesterday I went to a nice place to eat and thought I should write a review for everyone to read:

It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon when my girl and I felt like eating something light and not greasy. I remembered about a place in paceville called Gochi which sells sushi and Japanese cuisine takeaway.

As soon as we arrived I noticed that they opened a small lounging area so you can eat your food in. Therefore we decided to give the place a try as it looked very nice and welcoming. They set it up in a Japanese traditional style as you can see below:

With regards to the food:

I love their sushi, its great! I tried other places both locally and abroad. I tried 2 places in the UK but so far this is the best place for sushi both for quality and for prices. Lemme show you what you can get for 18 Euros

As you can see, we had quite a selection just for 2, ranging from an assortment of sushi, fried tofu (third image) and a choco kushi, which is a dark chocolate desert Japanese style :P

All in all it was quite good as we ate healthy food and it wasn't expensive at all. However, I will give it an 8/10 cause although the place was clean, and offers very fast service, its still needs a little bit more fixing (chipped walls) while the sake and other Japanese traditional drinks are expensive (which I find quite strange since the food is quite affordable).

Give it a try - hope u enjoy as it as much as we did and take care,

until next blog

Cya :)