Sunday, July 18, 2010

5Th Avenue Review

Hello again everyone,
Its once again Time for another review of mine and this is time for:

The 5th Avenue Bistro,Cafe and Pastry Shop

There are 3 5th avenue's in Malta that I know of, one is in Zabbar and the other is situated at the Valletta Waterfront (the one I will be reviewing) and last but not least on in mosta.

The amount was quite abundant and fresh. The quality was good and also quite affordable ( less then 17 euros )

We mainly decided to take an italian cuts platter (cheese, ham, salami accompanied with maltese water biscuts, breadsticks and also some bread) and 2 cappuccino

So I Assume that if it were less busy, it would have been a much better experience, so I will have to go back when its less crazy , although I would still expect that the management is prepared for the amount of people it can serve.

Anyways, I know I didn't write much about the place but we only had a snack and the place was a bit disappointing.

I promise to review all places at the Valletta Waterfront slowly.
Here is a link of the Valletta Waterfront website: (if you want me to review something in particular leave me a comment)

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